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Our community #openttdcoop consists of three main servers.

All persons with administrative rights should have a closer look to the Server Administration Guide

The Public Server (PS)

If you heard of #openttdcoop and would like to make the first steps toward a membership in our community, simply read what you have to do at Membership and Public_Server. Feel free to join our community and play on our Public_Server.

For a list of games which took place on our Public Server, look at PublicServer:Archive

rcon on The Public Server is granted to every member of #openttdcoop and some players, depending upon need.

The ProZone (PZ)

Playing access (password) is granted to all our members (see Membership for further details) and selected individuals who have proven on our Public Server that they are decent builders and usually know what they do.

For a list of games which took place on our ProZone, look at ProZone:Archive or also at MemberZone:Archive for games on the server's predecessor, the Member Zone.

rcon on the ProZone is granted to every member of #openttdcoop.

Stable Welcome Server

The stable welcome server is a openttdcoop playground server without a password and less restrictive rules than the other servers.

Other servers

The Coopetition Server

Needed for our latest gametype, this server runs a nightly version of OpenTTD and is used for Coopetition Games only. IRC: #coopetition

rcon to this server has every member of #openttdcoop and is passed on to teams in need of a server.

The "Dev Server"

Sometimes, we need a server for testing various patches and settings in order to support ongoing development or simply to prepare for upcoming games.

rcon on this Server is granted to every member of #openttdcoop and trusted other persons.

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