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Mergers with LLLL output (what is that?)
Date Screenshot Specification Description Creator additional
Psg142 BBH01merger.png
Limited choice As making a merger for 4 lines gets to be quite large, hard, time consuming and possibly unexpandable, here we have a 4 line merger with not all choices. But despite that, the merger worked nicely showing that it might not be totally required to always balance everything possible. Of course you need some luck to have unbalanced things work though. Mark Download PSG #142

Psg186 LLLLmerger01.png
All to All The strongest of the Brainmelter's mergers with an output of four lines. Every line is given all choices to all outcoming lines. V453000 Download PSG #186

Psg213 downhill.png
Downhill A fairly nice merger but the main part of interest was the very end of it because it was built on a steep downhill to vastly improve train acceleration. V453000 Download PSG #213

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