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Mergers with LLL output (what is that?)
Date Screenshot Specification Description Creator additional
Psg74 3on3 joiner pm.png
choice "3+3->3 Mainline merger fit into landscape. For the Northern lines a choice of all the three other tracks is offered. Update: important to note the lack of waiting bays replaced by combo-signals which can lead to trains waiting in incorrect spots pm Download PSG #74

Pzg10 BBH02merger.png
Mix inner A nice merger which leaves two outer lines to their own fate and works with the inside. As the two outer line only make for 2 output lines, one is "rather randomly" added as the inner lines merge to make for the 3 line output. Mark Download PZG #10

Psg190 LLLmerger01.png
Sequential split This merger built by XeryusTC uses the first split to decide whether the train goes to the first line, or somewhere else. If somewhere, then it splits there again to see if the next line is free and then again until all lines have been checked. This merger style can have problems if the incoming lines have high traffic but is very universal and can be used for basically any amount of lines. XeryusTC Download PSG #190

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