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Monster Mergers (what is that?)
Date Screenshot Specification Description Creator additional
A into B An expandable, simple to build merger allowing full-throughput line towards all choices, therefore working very well. XeryusTC, mfb Download PSG #210

Shift This merger is based on shifting trains to one end similarly like SML does. As a difference, this merger lets trains stop in waiting bays unlike SML is designed to do. To prevent trains waiting in waiting bays without a reason while they will never be able to join the line anyway, we used PBS and 2way eol so that the trains tried to join the line if there was at least a small chance to join. The merger ended up taking a large amount of space in length while saving some space in width. The instantly accelerating trains were key to make it work as well. V453000 Download PSG #216

Inner merge A nice example of a merger which makes use of the merge inner, keep outer lines. mfb, Vinnie Download PSG #210

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