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Boost is a relatively new gametype in which the goal is to make one industry (or a set of the same industries) produce as much as possible. Default industries that could be used for this are:

  • Temperate(Factory, Sawmill, Oil Refinery)
  • Sub-Arctic(Food Processing Plant, Printing Works, Oil Refinery)
  • Sub-Tropical(Factory, Food Processing Plant, Oil Refinery)
  • Toyland(Toy Factory, Fizzy Drink Factory, Sweet Factory)

Boost is actually the way we found out the production limits of certain industries. This limit is calculated by the number of tiles of an industry * 255 * 9. To allow for more production multiple industries are built. Since cargo isnt distributed evenly over industries in catchment area, drops should either be split or the cargo must be transfered to the seperate industries.

An example of Boost: PSG 121

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