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The Junctionary
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Special Load Balancers/Joiners (what is that?)
Date Screenshot Specification Description Creator additional
Psg74 3on3 joiner pm.png
choice "3+3->3 Mainline merger fit into landscape. For the Northern lines a choice of all the three other tracks is offered. pm Public Server game #74

Custom Four station exits are connected to the mainline. This junction needs perfect load balancers because it works under heavy traffic. e1ko

Custom Sorts trains by their length. In this example trains longer than 5 cars (or 2 tiles) will be sorted via the penalty, those of 5 cars or less through the non-penalty line. this is useful when trains of varying type use a station, and some platforms are shorter than others. It can also be used at junctions where there are two options of track, to move shorter trains onto a loop with tighter turns. Finally it may be used to seperate main line trains from local trains (assuming different train lengths). A local train may be forced onto a longer, slower loop to allow mainline trains to pass. Audigex, original credit unknown.

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