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Please comment on this proposal as to how to improve it, or what needs to be changed to make it postable - ZarenorDarkstalker 01:37, 23 October 2009 (UTC)


GRFs are small extensions to OTTD's graphics and gameplay. A GRF could be a new bridge type, a whole new trainset or a new cargo type. #openttdcoop is using a compilation of GRFs to make our gameplay even more addictive.

Usage in #openttdcoop

#openttdcoop uses a certain set of additional GRFs. You will both need them to play on the Public Server as well on the Pro Zone. To ease things up, we packed the GRFs needed into one single file. The GRFs used will depend on the current game, and can often be gotten through BaNaNaS, the in-game content download system, accessible by clicking the GRF Settings button in the Game Info section of the server list. If you are still missing GRFs, try downloading the most recent GRF pack put together by the community here at #openttdcoop, being sure to unzip them into the data folder in the folder you installed the game to. The GRFs included or used in the GRF pack are listed here (GRF Table).

We won't update our pack that often anymore because you can usually download the newest versions directly from the ingame content service, also known as BaNaNaS.

Non #openttdcoop Servers who also use our pack

You will find all servers that use our pack at GRF Users. If you are playing on a server which is not listed there, please inform us:

Base GRFs and Sound

You need the Base GRFs and a Sounds file for the game to be playable, the original base graphics from TTD aren't available for free, but you can get replacment graphics and sound from here:

Be sure to copy them to the game's data folder found within whatever folder you installed the game to, labeled data


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Version 7.3 (2008-12-30)

Update to 7.3

from 7.2

Use that pack, if you already have version 7.2 installed.

Check the GRF History for details on the changes.

Suggestions and updates for next Versions

Would you like to see a special GRF (set) or something else in the next versions? Please, post your suggestions on the discussion page.

Please also tell us if there is an update for an included GRF available at the discussion page or send an email to

Older Versions of the GRF Pack

Some servers may still use older versions of the GRF Pack, hopefully you'll find that version here

Legacy from 7.3

to 7.2

If you like to join servers with version 7.2 still installed.

to 7.0

If you like to join servers with version 7.0 still installed.

to 7-beta1

If you like to join servers with version 7-beta1 still installed.

to 6

If you like to join servers with version 6 still installed.

MD5sums of all files

You can also browse the download directory.

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