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hm... a few things I noted now I added all active members to the page :D

  1. it seems like the wiki categories doesn't respect capital vs. non capital letters - a common problem with wiki page titles.
  2. valshallaw has a test page which is a sub page and includes his page - thus he gets included twice. Could, of course be avoided by simply forbidding this - what use is including user pages into other pages anyway?

Otherwise: good work :) I Like it - but it will take a bit of time to add it to all users of this wiki :) - especially as obiously half of them need to add a flag, too ;) --planetmaker 08:36, 16 April 2009 (UTC)

The reason the subpage shows up is because he has included a template that places the page into the Active Members category.
This type of behavior should not be allowed. I have modified his user page to put the category in <noinclude> tags to fix the problem.
In fact, this type of behavior is not typical, so should be too big of a concern for the future.
I don't know how to address the Capitalization issues. I think it's possible to tweak the category tag to change that. Will research it.
I created a blog article about the upcoming change. Take a look, and see if you think we should have players update their own.
-- Thraxian 12:23, 16 April 2009 (UTC)
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