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Combined Stations (what is that?)
Date Screenshot Specification Description Creator additional
Psg90 factory.png
Drop and pickup station Here goes a typical Mark station with X-less terminus and a _ton_ of eyecandy. Mark, Skasi Download PSG #90

Psg105 Gratfield.png
City station Wonderfully looking city station. Mark Download PSG #105

Psg141 MAT.png
Refit Station A very simple refit station. Combuster Download PSG #141

Psg151 MAT.png
PBS WTF This pax terminal is very interesting by providing as few colliding paths as possible. unknown Download PSG #151

Psg159 spoke05.png
Tunnel bypass This transfer station is special by the bypass for ML trains which is situated in tunnels under station. Combuster Download PSG #159

Psg164 OKA.png
Double X-less Terminus The one typical station for Mark. A terminus without X on the "main" side and the other station fitting into it. Awesome on the sight! Mark Download PSG #164

Psg186 WoodDrop.png
Refit Station The first refit station with cargo return - on separate platforms. V453000 Download PSG #186

Psg187 BEER.png
Reverser Exit, tunnel under station This station is trying to save space for towns by reversers in tunnels and tunneled exit from the station. V453000 Download PSG #187

Psg192 central.png
Space effectiveness This was a double-station where trains transferted at one, loaded at the other. As the game had gotten many lines, the main challenge was to put the station within 64 tiles of station spread. V453000 Download PSG #192

Psg197 WoodDropS.png
Refit Station A refit station with cargo return on the same platforms long TL+1, using the [near end] and [far end] orders. V453000 Download PSG #197

Psg200 Transfer.png
Transfer station A terminus transfer station using a kind of X-less PBS entrance/exit.. V453000 Download PSG #200

Psg200 RefitN.png
Refit Station A refit station with cargo return by TL+1 platforms and all platforms shared for all actions, be it drop, pickup or cargo return. V453000 Download PSG #200

Psg201 BEER.png
Pax terminal A very special station using one ML underground and the station on the surface. Also note the extremely important message on it. V453000,mfb,sturmi Download PSG #201

Psg205 Drop03.png
Refit Station A very advanced refit station being not only balanced but also featuring cargo return by TL+1 platforms and mainly stac-proof depots. V453000 Download PSG #205

Psg211 fruitdrop.png
Merged pickup and drop Every 2 platforms swap being drop/pickup. Quite an interesting way how to make a station. V453000 Download PSG #211

Psg216 coaldrop.png
Merged pickup and drop First drop, then pickup. That is how this station works when trains pass around the 2way eol. However the most interesting thing on this station is the exit. Using PBS and 2way entry signals helps trains decide which line to choose without unnecessary waiting in waiting bays. Also note that each choice fork is made after just 3 platforms so the throughput of each fork is quite low. V453000 Download PSG #216

ICE station Special design to make one side of the station drop passengers to the town and the other side load them to the next town. Entry and exit from two directions.. LoPo Download PSG #221

Multiple pickup and drop Using one incoming line for all of the pickup platforms is not the sanest idea. However throwing drop platforms in the mix made it a bit easier as they made more space for the overflow logic for pickups. It still made for a bridge/tunnel madness. V453000 Download PSG #222

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