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Drop Stations (what is that?)
Date Screenshot Specification Description Creator additional
Psg131 fruitdrop.png
2way eol The 2way eol feature plays a key role in this station. Trains try to join a platform and the 2way signals divert them if the platform is full. unknown Download PSG #131

Psg136 coaldrop.png
PBS semi-balancing This station looks very messy but due to the fact that it allows trains to choose from many paths, it works. It does not allow all trains go to all platforms though. Chris_Booth Download PSG #136

Psg142 wooddrop.png
Tunnel Exit In the exit of the station tunnels are used and another set of platforms is fit in there. This not only looks awesome but it also uses the tunnels as waiting space behind platforms for trains so the exit is faster. tneo Download PSG #142

Psg156 oildrop.png
2 sides This technically is quite a normal station. But the key difference is that it is halved and each part enters from one side, making the entrance much smaller and thus work much better. Farden Download PSG #156

Psg147 coaldrop.png
Symmetric Terminus Technically simple unbalanced terminus, visually a truly wonderful station. ODM Download PSG #147

Psg156 wooddrop.png
Unbalanced Terminus A nice terminus station in a cute shape. As it uses a single entrance signal, it uses penalties (the road crossings) to make trains prefer platforms which are far away from the first split aka the so called valhallasw style. ^Spike^ Download PSG #156

Psg170 packer.png
Packer Exit A special drop station featuring a packer based on using slow bridges to get trains in correct positions. Osai, ^Spike^, Phazorx, V453000 Download PSG #170

Psg175 drop.png
2wayeol in V shape A terminus using 2way eol, having balanced exit and being in a special shape. V453000 Download PSG #175

Psg177 RDC.png
Ultimate Mess An extremely messy station which actually worked which ended up being quite incredible. OwenS Download PSG #177

Psg184 oredrop.png
Balanced Station A balanced station with a bit atypical yet working entrance. XeryusTC Download PSG #184

Psg189 rubberdrop.png
Halved overflow A special station consisting of 2 parts. Trains try to pick a platform on their part and in case they fail they move to the other part. This station has a downside of problems with balancing and in this case was supported by flipflop logic. ^Spike^ Download PSG #189

Psg190 coaldrop.png
Reverser Exit The exit of this station is particularly interesting due to saving space by reversers. thgergo Download PSG #190

Psg195 towndrop.png
'2way eol Trains simply pass around 2ways, however in a nice shape. If they do not find a free platform, they just loop into another line. Intexon,V453000 Download PSG #195

Psg196 wooddrop.png
'Two-way station with loop entrance A bidirectional station where trains pass around waiting bays until they find one. And if they don't find one on the line they came from, they will try another line. V453000 Download PSG #196

Psg197 liquiddrop.png
Reverser Entrance This station uses reversers in station entrance. Note the need of PF trap to make trains "know" the path to station. V453000 Download PSG #197

Psg197 mineraldrop.png
2 in 1 out Terminus This station is a bit different due to using 3-tile X while 2 tracks go in (from each incoming track one) and one track goes out. A nice and easy way how to simplify balancing a terminus station with 2 lines. V453000 Download PSG #197

Psg200 boostdrop.png
Balanced station This station has a few interesting points. Aside from the fact that it is huge, it balances all 4 lines into double "X"s which forces it to also use a lot of bridges atop of tunnels.. V453000 Download PSG #200

Psg204 steelmill.png
X-less Terminus One of the terminus stations which lacks the "X" many people fear. V453000 Download PSG #204

Psg206 coaldrop.png
Looping station This station is basically a normal 2way eol ro-ro but with the difference that trains which fail to find a platform try again on a different line which lets us use less platforms per line. V453000 Download PSG #206

Psg210 factory.png
Balanced Station One of the typical balanced stations with various exit techniques. XeryusTC Download PSG #210

Psg211 towndrop.png
2 platform rows The main point of this station is to have many platforms. Therefore very fitting to use in maglev games as seen in the picture. V453000, MrD2DG Download PSG #211

Drop unbalanced two-way.png
Unbalanced two-way drop This station is focussed on high throughput. By forcing trains in to the nearest platforms no pre-signals are needed. In this case penalties by road crossings are used in combination with two-way signals. Xotic750, V453000 Download PSG #219

Semi-balanced drop Sometimes it is just enough to make two 2 line entrance than a full balancing of 4 lines. Also note small signal gaps for high throughput. V453000 Download PSG #223

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