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Special Stations (what is that?)
Date Screenshot Specification Description Creator additional
Psg121 MarkStation.png
SRNW Station A nice SRNW station from the legendary psg 121. A so-called 3-bay SRNW station where dummy trains load, wait for other dummies to load, and then all dummies go to unload. The "waiting" part is usually solved by having 1TL waiting bay for those trains. However in this case it is smartly solved by using a NOT gate, effectively shortening the waiting bays to 1 tile. Mark Download PSG #121

Psg149 pbs.png
SRNW Station A SRNW station using PBS to release trains. Nickman Download PSG #149

Psg172 7platform.png
SRNW Dummy A NOT gated dummy SRNW station using platforms tightly together thanks to the mess on the exit. V453000 Download PSG #172

Psg180 sparta.png
SRNW PBS Dummy Not too complicated SRNW station as in system, but effective on space. Making many platforms just next to each other. It is wonderful to watch when all trains release together, but at the same time it is a bit painful to see the huge wave of trains flood the network. :) (psg180 had no issue with waves due to the flipflops fortunately) V453000 Download PSG #180

Psg180 simple.png
SRNW Dummy A very simple SRNW station with just a few 3-bay dummies and full-TL waiting bays. V453000 Download PSG #180

Psg200 SRNWtransfer.png
SRNW Transfer A transfer station fitting in SRNW network. After using some intense madness, it worked absolutely properly. Question is whether this amount of logic is worth it as the total throughput is not that stunning. V453000 Download PSG #200

Psg214 Vpet.png
SRNW Refit A SRNW quadruple station. Uses refit orders between quarters, dummy trains with NOT gates, Mark's clock for overflow injection. V453000 Download PSG #214

SRNW Transfer Station based on having 1 set of platforms used by both feeder and pickup trains. Each platform gets its own logic consisting of (only) 2 logic gates - NOT and a green->absolute red. Unfortunately requires huge amount of logic wires so making it small is an issue. V453000 Download PSG #223

SRNW Transfer A transfer station which counts trains using (insane amount of) binary logic. Unfortunately some trains manage to run away without loading. mfb Download PSG #223

PSG239 minicatzor SRNWtransfer.png
SRNW Transfer Yet another Self Regulating Transfer Station. The network trains are blocked by the reserved track by the feeder train - using PBS. Release then occurs when the feeder train reversed, and leaving the transfer station. With this mechanism, only a single logic "check" was needed to make this transfer working. Beside this, the station was also equipped with overflow depots for every cargo type. LoPo Download PSG #239

PSG239 doubleNot SRNW station.png
SRNW Station A SRNW station design with double Not-Gates. The first Not-Gate is to release the dummy trains - it will give a green signal when all dummy trains are loaded. This will then give a red signal to the second Not-Gate; which then releases the network trains. LoPo Download PSG #239

PSG239 new SRNW station.png
SRNW Station This new SRNW station design uses no Logic Gates, it uses some kind of cascade mechanism. The design is fully reliant on PBS. The first set of Path Signals make sure that the dummy trains block the network trains. The second set of Path Singals are needed to block the dummy trains, one for each other next to them, until all dummy trains are loaded. The last set of Path Signals is needed to block the dummy trains until they are all unloaded. When using this station, please make sure you really know how it works (it can break really easily), also it may occur that the last dummy loader is loaded at the same time as one of the others. This will also break the system, and thus meaning it needs expansion (the station will break if the production is to high for the dummy trains). LoPo Download PSG #239
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